About Us

Originating as a modest service catering to Kannada individuals globally, our initial focus was on providing access to Kannada daily calendar sheets. Over time, we have evolved into a comprehensive website, offering a myriad of features encompassing the entire Kannada calendar.

Diligently, we strive to curate and present details pertinent to the Kannada calendar, with a specific emphasis on delivering comprehensive information about Kannada astrology. Our committed team of specialists is dedicated to offering you the minutiae you seek from the calendar.

Our overarching mission is to digitize and make available online all calendars and astrological information that might prove valuable to Kannada individuals for any occasion or event.

Having been engaged in documenting calendars for a decade, we continue to enhance our services to better cater to your needs.

We consistently welcome suggestions and feedback for the continual improvement of our website. Your input is valued at any time, as we endeavor to provide an increasingly refined service.